of luxury.

Branded Residencies, an epitome of luxury, offers a unique concept of premium residencies alongside your favourite international luxury brands such as Armani, Vercase, Roberto Cavelli, Sworoski, etc and the chance to personally interact with celebrity brand ambassadors like Michael Schumacher and Maria Sharapova.

Brand Residencies, an emerging concept and one of the most admired brands in the world when it comes to residencies dealing with branded projects, involves reality developers tying up with celebrities, international luxury hospitality and lifestyle brands to create super premium luxury residencies. Present at some of the most vibrant and exotic destinations in the world, Brand Residency offers homeowners and brand loyalists the most premium brand residential lifestyle and access to all luxuries one can dream of.

Brand Residencies, after its success across the world, is now being targeted at a limited edition of residencies in gurgaon, India. The first of their kind, Branded Residencies is a brand in real estate that offer the ultimate in luxury and uncompromising elegance. The Branded Residencies promises a lifestyle statement in the residence segment offering 5-star luxury living standards wherein each residence is fitted with a selection of exquisite Branded Products.

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