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legend centra

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Legend Centra

Legend Group has achieved a new milestone and revealed its new endeavour in 2019 following the success of Gourmet Hub. The V Square Mall was acquired by the Legend group and renovated into Legend Centra. Legend Centra is a high-end shopping complex. Legend Centra is a popular shopping and leisure destination for residents of Bhiwadi and Dharuhera, covering an area of 200,000 square feet (Rajasthan). Legend Centra is a uniquely designed architecture that exceeds the highest standards of commercialization. The inclusion of a hypermarket, sports bar, retail stores, and a well-designed entertainment area with multiplex and dining outlets makes Legend Centra, which is conveniently located and has a huge façade, visited by a large section of people. The structure, which is an attraction in and of itself, spans a mind-boggling 200000 sq ft, making it a one-stop shop for upscale shopping and investing. The interiors of the project, which have been meticulously designed, are the pinnacle of luxury and technological innovation. It's a pleasant spot to hang out owing to the numerous stores and showrooms lined up with well-known brands.

Legend Gourmet Hub

The Gourmet Hub will essentially be a fully functional mall concept, with all essential components of fine dining and entertainment flawlessly integrated, with a greater emphasis on luring foodies in with their diverse array of restaurants. Ethnic Indian, American, Japanese, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Oceanic, Continental, Asian, African, and world cuisine restaurants would be included in the gourmet hub. Whether it's a food court or a health food store, this endeavour will pay heed to every small detail. Authentic international cuisine combined with a fine environment is a natural recipe for success.

legend gourmet hub

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legend westfield

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Legend Westfield

The Legend Westfield is the ideal location for any gathering if you're looking for a fun-filled weekend, holiday, or other event. Legend Westfield offers cinema, shopping, dining, relaxation, and a variety of other activities. We strive to give visitors a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience; our diverse services ensure that visitors never have to leave the Mall for anything. Legend Westfield Mall, which is located in Delhi, houses a wide range of Indian and international brands. After shopping and eating at the best restaurants one can play in arcades, watch movies and stroll around the shops in exploration. With so much more to do and explore at Legend Westfield, the amenities can help to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. , Legend Westfield provides an information desk for offers and discounts on various shops, car washing services, EV charging stations, public restrooms, gift wrapping services, event booking counters, and supervised childcare.

The development of the 300,000 sq ft Legend Westfield Mall in Rajouri Garden by the Legend Group marks the company's most recent release into the commercial market. Legend Westfield Mall is redefining itself and becoming a haven for shopping with a wide variety of leisure, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Legend Westfield Mall, a centre for upscale retailers, multiplexes, food courts, and business offices, will be a one-stop shop for a shopping frenzy. Legend Group is planning for its renovation.