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Who We Are

The Legend Group has established a solid business vision and affluence of professional expertise from its successful 2 decades in the spotlight. Many commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality facilities have been established by the Legend Group, which has been privileged to accomplish this.

For more than 2 decades, the Legend Group has assisted clients—both families and corporations—in achieving their ideal living spaces. The Group is currently one of India's top businesses and the most recognized brand.

The Legend Group has presented some groundbreaking projects and engineering marvels, carved out a niche in both the deluxe and budget-friendly segments, and most importantly, brought smiles to the faces of millions of people. Legend Group has stayed true to its maxim of ‘Turning Dreams into Reality’ and is steered by its cornerstone of bringing quality and exceptional real estate spaces, ensuring customer satisfaction, and redefining lifestyles.

The Legend Group vows by the most fundamental principles to guide a vision that will result in a reliable and aspirational brand in the future. Business excellence and social responsibility have been effectively combined by the corporation. The company engages in several CSR initiatives in the areas of health, education, community development, etc. through the Legend Care Foundation.

The Legend Group is recognized as a top provider for property acquisitions solutions because it operates under the philosophy of upholding the top-notch service standards and offering first-rate customer service. The Legend Group is an Indian-wide network that provides services to a wide range of clients, including small and large businesses as well as private entities. Devoted to excellence and quality, our handpicked team of skilled executives tends to work to provide the best property solutions and specialized services, including real estate investments, to corporations and individuals

Legend Group, with its extensive experience and outstanding service standards, provides high-level expert advice/consultancy on a wide range of specialised services, including property acquisitions, real estate, financing, & much more. We directly align our services with the needs of our clients. As a result, we can establish centres of excellence that our clients can use to transform and advance their companies. At the Legend Group, each solution/service is strategically designed to meet the needs of clients, whether they are individuals or small/medium/large corporations.

Message From MD

The world's major economies have been battling a slowdown; however, India has not only been growing steadily. This, to me, is history in the making and a gateway to exponential change.

Major industries like the auto, tourism, ITES, real estate, health, etc. are sure to see growth as a result of the government's focus on key growth sectors and the influx of foreign direct investments across a wide range of industries. Over the last decade, the Legend Group of companies has complemented India's growth story by striving to provide the highest levels of standards across sectors. We have established strongholds in property acquisitions and real estate thanks to our variety of business services.

Our philosophy of upholding international standards in operations and customer service, along with our innate capacity to adapt to dynamically shifting business environments, have enabled us to earn the respect of both current and potential customers. The Legend Group is a network operating throughout India that provides services to a wide range of clients, including small and large corporations, as well as private individuals.

The Legend Group is poised to experience a new stage of growth due to the abundance of new projects it has in the works and the numerous new launches it has scheduled. Come be a part of our success!

Awards & Recognition