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It describes how people, place, process, and technology are all integrated into a building. Parking, security, housekeeping, and cash management are all services provided by facility management companies to malls. Facility Management is in charge of electromechanical services such as fire detection and suppression, access control, power management, water management, plumbing, Supply Chain, Marketing Research, Logistics, and Design, among others.

They also provide business services such as help desk management, guest relations, and meeting room management. A few facility management companies also offer soft services such as pest control, cleaning, physical and security surveillance, concierge services, and administration. Facility management firms are also taking on a few other expert functions.

These include conducting research for malls to find out their requirements regarding issues such as;

  • Site location problem
  • What kind of mall to set up?
  • Determining the customer patterns
  • Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning (STP)

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